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About Us

Our primary purpose at Bipolar Life is to help people with Bipolar Disorder by organising and running support groups across Victoria.

Bipolar Life formerly known as Melbourne Bipolar Network was established in 2006 as a non-profit charity governed and operated by volunteers. Our name was formally changed in January 2017 to reflect our desire to broaden our operations and reach into country Victoria.

Apart from the establishment and operation support of support groups around Victoria, we also conduct events to educate and raise awareness of bipolar disorder. Bipolar support groups provide a confidential environment free of scrutiny and judgement. We believe everyone has information and knowledge to share, which can be a coping skill, a success story, or a new type of treatment.

Bipolar Life aims to encourage consumer advocacy and treatment acceptance, civic engagement and outreach, and alleviate stigmas surrounding mental illnesses and symptoms in order to reduce treatment resistance. Publications, education, and outreach are also utilised to take a proactive approach toward social welfare, its treatment programs, and policy issues in the mental health sector.

Separate support groups operating across Victoria

Individual support group meetings held each month

Newsletters go out to members each month

Our People

Bipolar Life is governed by a committee of 12 dedicated to supporting individuals with the much misunderstood and devastating condition of bipolar.

Bipolar Life creates opportunities for meaningful lives by compassionately engaging with individuals and providing peer-led support groups, educational programs and materials, and wellness tools that focus on resilience, achievement, creativity, and connection.

Our committee advances learning through peer led support groups together with educational programs while promoting a transformative understanding of mental health through a wide dissemination of information about the latest treatments, wellness practices, and lived experiences.

The Bipolar Life committee promotes the right of peers to choose their own paths to mental, emotional, and physical wellness while promoting structures and practices that advance whole health and accessible care for everyone.

Our Patron

Professor Greg Murray

Professor and Director, Centre for Mental Health at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia

Professor Greg Murray has an international reputation for clinical psychology research, being ranked in the top 1% of researchers worldwide in the fields of bipolar disorders, circadian rhythms, personality and affect.  He has published more than 200 articles, chapters and books primarily on the conceptualisation, aetiology and psychological treatment of mood disorders.

He is a practising clinical psychologist with strong industry linkages, and currently serves as Deputy Lead of the Canada-based CREST.BD – an international research network studying psychosocial issues in bipolar disorder – and in an NIMH-led international working group on activation in mood disorders.

An active public intellectual, Professor Murray has won multiple individual awards for teaching and provided professional development workshops for hundreds of psychologists and psychiatrists across Australia and overseas.


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