Psychology links


Type Region Organisation/Owner Description
Ass USA American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry. Traumatic stress and crisis management
Ass USA American Academy of Experts American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
Ass USA American Counseling Asssociation Professional counselling Asssociation
Ass USA American Psychological Asssociation Application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives.
Org USA American Psychological Asssociation Community for Psychologists in Independent Practice
Ass USA American Psychotherapy Asssociation Promotes the field of psychotherapy and its professionals
Ass USA Asssociation of Practicing Psychologists Asssociation of Practicing Psychologists: Montgomery
Ass USA Asssociation of VA Psychologist Leaders Psychologists working in the Department of Veterans Affairs
Org AUS Australian Psychological Society Promotes psychology as a discipline and profession
Ass AUS Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists Professional body / Includes referral service
Ch UK British Asssociation for Counselling and Psychotherapy Service which will enable potential clients to find a suitable counsellor
Ass UK British Hypnotherapy Asssociation British Hypnotherapy Asssociation – Website
Org AUS Centre for Mental Health Research Provides information about emotional problems
Ind USA David V. Baldwin Emotional trauma and traumatic stress
Co USA Dr. Debra Moore Psychologist Dr. Debra Moore shares MH information
Ch AUS Good Therapy Australia Psychological support
Co AUS Humaneed Marriage and Relationship Counselling / Programs
Org USA International Society for Interpersonal Psychotherapy International Society for Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Co USA Internet Therapist LLC Online Mental Health Therapy (fees)
Ass USA Mental Health Counselors Asssociation Mental Health Counselors Asssociation
Org AUS MiCBT Institute Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT) site
Ass USA National Asssociation of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists Dedicated to teaching, and developing  cognitive-behavioral therapy.
Ass USA National Register of health service providers in psychology National Register of health service providers in psychology
Co USA Ohio Psychology Publications An independent bi-monthly newspaper for practitioners.
Org USA Psych forums Forums – Psychology & Mental Health
Org USA Positive Psychology News Psychology News Service
Org USA Shareware Psychological Consultation – Pay only if it helps.
Org USA R Miranda Resources for overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety Disorder
Co AUS Rosemary Boon ADD multi-disciplinary treatments
Co AUS Sally-Anne McCormack On-Line psychology and counselling
Org UK Society for Psychotherapy Research Psychotherapy Research
Org USA Society of Biological Psychiatry Study of biological causes of and treatments for psychiatric disorders
Grp USA Socionocs The 16 Psychological Types
Ass UK The Asssociation for Counselling and Therapy Articles
Ass AUS The Australian Psychological Society Ltd Promote the science and profession of psychology
Org AUS The CompAsssionate Friends Victoria Grief Support following the death of a child- 24 Hr Helpline
Co USA The Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy Psychotherapy and counseling
Ass UK The Psychotherapy Centre Quality therapy, publishing and training is our concern.
Ass UK UK Asssociation for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners UK Asssociation for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners
Org AUS Victorian Asssociation of Family Therapists Counseling and Psychotherapy Professionals Asssociation