Mental Health links


Type Region Organisation/Owner Description
Org AUS ACPMH Reducing the adverse mental health effects of trauma
Org USA American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry Helping children, adolescents, and families affected by mental disorders.
Org USA Anxiety and Depression Association of America Anxiety Self Test
Grp AUS Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria Inc. Anxiety Disorders Asssociation of Victoria, Inc.
Org AUS Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria For people who live with anxiety disorders
Co AUS ASSMS Australia Anxiety Management Program
Ass USA Asssociation for Behavior Analysis International Supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.
Ed AUS Australian Foundation for Mental Health Research Mental Health research
Ch AUS Australian Infant, Child, Adolescent & Family Mental Health Association Promotes the mental health of children
Ed AUS Australian National University Interactive web program designed to prevent depression
Org AUS Australian Psychoanalytical Society Peak body for Psychoanalysis in Australia
Ch USA BBRF Research organisation
Org USA Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research
Ch AUS Beyond Blue National reference group for depression, anxiety and related substance misuse disorders
Org AUS Bio-Balance Health Asssociation Inc Dedicated to promoting effective techniques of biochemical treatment for mental and behavioural disorders
Ch AUS BoysTown Counselling service for Australian children and young people aged between 5 and 25 years
Org USA BringChange2Mind National anti-stigma campaign
Org USA Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies Featured CBT Solutions
Org AUS CAN (Mental Health) Inc Support and connect mental health consumers in their recovery
Org CAN Canadian Mental Health Asssociation Helping organizations accommodate employees experiencing mental disabilities
Org AUS Carers Australia Represents the diversity of carers in Australia.
Sc ITA Cen.Stu.Psi. Scientific research in the fields of psychiatry, psychopharmacology and social psychiatry.
Org USA Center for Quality Asssessment and Improvement in Mental Health Center for Quality Assessment and Improvement in Mental Health
Ch UK Centre for Confidence and Well-being Advance the education of the public in the field of cognitive psychology,
Org AUS Children of Parents with a Mental Illness Children of Parents with a Mental Illness
Ch UK Clifford Beers Foundation Development of mental health promotion initiatives
Org AUS Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression Internet-bAssed education and treatment programs for people with anxiety and depression
Ed AUS Counselling services – Victoria University Free, confidential counselling and support to students
Co AUS Crisis Support Services Australia’s leading professional telephone counselling provider
Co USA DailyStrength, Inc. Support Groups
Gvt AUS Department of Health – Vic National Health Priority
Org USA Depression Counselling Services Free depression counselling service
Gvt AUS DHSV – Mental Health Services Forensic Mental Health Services
Org USA Dolan DNA Learning Centre DNA & Genes Blog
Ind USA Dr John M. Grohol Private Mental Health Blog Site
Ind USA Dr. O’Connor A program to get happy and stay happy
Org USA Dr. Phillip Long Comprehensive site on Mental Illness
Co USA e-Forums, Inc Health Message Boards
Org UK Elsevier Science & Health information resource
Org USA Eric Berne Transactional Analysis
Org BEL EUFAMI European Federation of Families of People with Mental Illness
Co AUS Evelyn M. Field  FAPS Youth psychology
Ind USA Ewa Schwarz Personalized online counselling with advice that creates solutions.
Co AUS Expert Knowledge Systems Depression Counselling & Psychologist Services
Org USA Expert Knowledge Systems, LLC Publishes consensus findings in MH area.
Org AUS Flinders University Australian Network for Promotion, Prevention and Intervention for Mental Health
Org USA Fraser South Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI) Program Detection and education about psychosis
Grp USA Step Chat Recovery chat rooms
Org USA Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation Neurological and mental health patient welfare
Ed USA Harvard Medical School The Whole Brain Atlas
Org USA Helpguide Understand, prevent, and resolve life’s challenges.
Org AUS Inspire Foundation Youth Involvement Program
Co SING Institute of Mental Health Multidisciplinary psychiatric services
Ass USA IQWiG Health Research Reference site
Ed HK ITS Tutorial School Dictionary – mental health sciences related
Org AUS Jesuit Social Services No-cost counselling service located in Richmond
Co USA Judy Casstelli MH Blog Site
Org AUS LIFE Suicide and self-harm prevention resource.
Org AUS Lifeline Australia Suicide Lifeline & advice
Co USA MDJunction Large Forum Site
Co USA MedHelp Inc. Large Forum site – HUGE traffic- (subtle ads)
Co USA Medical News Today Publishes health news from well-regarded sources
Ch USA Mental Health America Organisation Website – helping ALL people live mentally healthier lives
Ass USA Mental Health America Advocacy, public education, and support for Americans with mental health conditions
Org AUS Mental Health Asssociation ( QLD ) Inc. Forum for promotion, information and discussion of mental health
Org AUS Mental Health Asssociation NSW Mental health initiatives
Org UK Mental Health Foundation UK Mental Health Organisation
Org AUS Mental Health Foundation Australia National organisation promoting mental health issues
Org NZ Mental Health Foundation of NZ NZ organisation – Making mental health everybody’s business.
Co AUS [email protected]® Mental Health at Work
Co AUS MIMS Consumer Health Group Comprehensive health information resource in Australia.
Ch AUS Mind Australia Help & Support
Org AUS Mind Works Geelong Mutual Support & Self Help (MSSH) organisation
Ch USA Mood Garden For people with depression and bipolar disorder.
Ch USA Moodletter, Inc. Trustworthy Mental Health Information
Org USA NADD Helping individuals who have developmental disabilities and mental health needs.
Org USA National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder Promotes research on borderline personality disorder
Ass USA National Panic / Anxiety Disorder News. Panic & Anxiety Attack Web Newsletter
Ch UK National Schizophrenia Fellowship Leading national mental health membership charity
Org AUS NorthWestern Mental Health Provides services to people who live with a serious mental illness.
Gvt AUS Office of the Public Advocate Promoting the human rights, interests and dignity of Victorians with a disability
Ch AUS One in Five Asssociation Inc Group of friends whose lives have been affected by mental illness.
Org USA Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Support for psychosis intervention
Co UK PROMIS Rehabilitation Clinic Promis Rehab Clinics
Grp USA Psych Central Mental Health Support Groups Suicide
Org AUS Psychiatric Disability Services of Victoria Psychiatric rehabilitation and support issues
Org NZ REBT New Zealand Centre for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
Grp AUS Reconnexion Improving treatment outcomes tranquilliser dependency, anxiety disorders and depression.
Org AUS Royal Childrens Hospital Health problems that affect young people between the ages of 10 and 24 years
Grp USA S.A.F.E. Alternatives Self-injurious behavior
Ass USA Safe Harbor Non-drug approaches for mental health
Ch AUS SANE Australia Teenagers challenge of living with mental illness
Org IND SCARF Schizophrenia Research Foundation – India
Ind IRE Schizoaffective website
Grp USA Providing information on schizophrenia
Ass USA Screening for Mental Health Provides screenings for depression, suicide, bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc.
Co AUS Sentiens Health Private health care centre in Perth, WA
Gvt AUS Spectrum The Personality Disorder Service for Victoria
Org AUS Suicide Prevention Australia Community organisation working as a public health advocate in suicide and self harm prevention
Ind USA Support4Hope Supports various mental health issues
Ch AUS The Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria Provides support, recovery and educational services
Ass USA The Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies Promotes high standards and ethical practices in the trauma field.
Org AUS The Australian Society of Hypnosis Ltd The Australian Society of Hypnosis Ltd
Ch CAN The Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry Dedicated to promoting mental health in the Canadian elderly population
Ch USA The Carter Center The Carter Center Mental Health Program
Ass AUS The Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health Providing for mental health needs of rural and remote communities
Sc USA The Dana Foundation Principal interests in brain science, immunology, and arts education
Org USA The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance mental health network
Org AUS The Florey Improving the diagnosis and treatment of the world’s major mental disorders.
Grp USA The Icarus Project Supports alternatives to the medical model
Ch CAN The Kettle Friendship Society Supporting people with mental illness to lead healthier lives.
Ch AUS The Mental Health Council of Australia Promoting the interests of the Australian mental health sector
Org NZ The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand NZ MH Organisation
Ed AUS The MoodSwings Team Link to Moodswings
Org USA The National Mental Health Consumers’ Self-Help Clearinghouse National consumer technical Asssistance center
Co AUS The Pauline McKinnon Stillness Meditation Centre Prevention, relief and management of Stress, Anxiety & Depression
Org USA The Silvan S. Tomkins Institute Dedicated to the study of human emotion
Org AUS The Suicide Call Back Service Free, nationwide telephone service that offers short to medium term support for people at risk of suicide
Org AUS Therapeutic Guidelines Limited Promotes the quality use of medicines
Ind UK Tim LeBon Articles for therapists and counsellors about CBT
Org USA Tufts University School of Medicine and Harvard University One-stop information portal for the mentally interesting.
Ed AUS University of Melbourne. Global and Cultural Mental Health
Org NED University of Rotterdam Scientific research on the subjective enjoyment of life.
Ind USA Patsy Grey Enterprises Relaxation Through Meditation
Org AUS Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council Provides services and a voice for people who use mental health services in Victoria – (incl Forum)
Gvt AUS Victorian State Government Victorian State Government Mental Health Services Web site
Gvt AUS WA Councils Community-bAssed mental health promotion campaign
Ind USA Wayne C. Jones, MD Excellent Medical Site – Free – Assk
Org USA WebMD® Bipolar Disorder Community WebMD® forum
Ch AUS Wellways Support and advocacy organisation for people with serious mental illnesses
Ind USA Wing of Madness Inc Website about clinical depression.
Co AUS WISE Employment Asssists job seekers under the Disability Employment Network
Org AUS WRDN Regional network that Asssists people with a disability