About Bipolar Life

First established in 2006, Bipolar Life exists because people with bipolar disorder benefit from bipolar support groups.

Bipolar Life was previously known as the Melbourne Bipolar Network. The name was changed in 2017 because new support groups were started in regional Victoria. We are a non-profit charity run by volunteers.

Support groups are safe spaces for people to talk to each other in confidence. We talk about what it’s like to have bipolar and the effect it has on our lives. You’ll hear about mistakes and messes, but also successes and progress. Sometimes there is discussion about medication and other treatments.

As well as support groups, we also hold events that are educational and raise awareness of bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Life committee

Bipolar Life is managed by people dedicated to supporting people with bipolar disorder. The committee members either have bipolar disorder themselves or are directly involved in mental health (sometimes both).

Support group meeting Code of Conduct

To ensure that each support group is a safe space, we ask that members read and adhere to the following rules:

- Support groups are confidential spaces, do not share personal information divulged in a meeting.

- Be courteous, listen and show respect to each other and the group facilitator.

- The group facilitator may at times guide the conversations to keep the meeting generally focused on bipolar disorder and away from inappropriate topics.

- Allow everyone to have their say.

- Respect opinions that are different to yours.

- Refrain from using abusive, offensive and inappropriate language.

- Threatening physical behaviour will not be tolerated.

- Exploitation of group members whether it be: sexually, physically, emotionally, financially or in any other way that is deemed inappropriate will not be condoned.

By entering our meeting, you are agreeing to our policies and procedures and will agree to adhere to them.

Anyone who infringes the rules of the group will be asked to leave.

The views expressed within the group don’t necessarily represent the views of Bipolar Life Victoria.

Our members

Our members come from all over Melbourne and country Victoria. Groups are for people who have been professionally disgnosed with bipolar disorder.

We are a diverse community catering for all ages, sexes, genders and nationalities.

During meetings, members will sometimes talk about their experiences in dealing with bipolar disorder. You can read some of their stories here.

Covid-19 Policy

Bipolar Life adheres to the Victorian government guidelines and mandates regarding Covid-19.

If at any point Victoria has to go into a lockdown we switch to Zoom meetings.

For further information on current regulations please go to the Victorian Government website.

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